Who we are?

Welcome to the website of Clinic – the new branch of “NZOZ Laser”, located in the centre of Zdroje – district on the right bank of the Odra River in Szczecin. The clinic was founded in 1997. You are quaranteed the professional attitude toward your dental problems here.Our patients can be sure of being taken a supreme care.


  • „Observing the functioning of dental practices”
    (Razeburg, Germany)

  • „”The basics of modern dental prosthetics.””
    (Berlin, Germany)

    „Zasady stosowania prep. CARISOLV”
    (Karolinska Institut, Stockholm, Szwecja)

  • „Telescopic prostheses – indications and executive cycle”
    (Katedra Protetyki CMUJ, Kraków, Polska)

  • „International exchange in the conduct of dental practices”
    (May – Singapore; November – Rio De Janeieo, Brasil)

    „IV International Congress of Dental Implantology”
    (Zakopane, Polska)

  • „Training course in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease””
    (Katedra i Zakład Periodontologii PAM, Szczecin, Polska)

    „Ist Congress ART. ORAL”
    (Sopot, Polska)

    „International Congress of Periodontology”
    (Jelenia Góra, Polska)

  • „Practical course in the IDI Implantology System”
    (Warszawa, Polska)

  • „Practical course in Brannemark implantological system”
    (Kraków Polska)

  • „The practical course of surgical sinus lift”
    (Lipsk, Niemcy)

    „VI International Congress of the Polish Association of Dental Implantology”
    (Jurata, Polska)

  • A frequent participant in numerous conferences, courses, symposia and conferences devoted to issues of dental implantology and osteology in the country and the world; active member of: The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Orale Implantologie (DGOI), the National Association of Dental Implantology – European Association of Dental Implantology (OSIS-EDI) and the Polish Implantology Association (PSI).

  • After taking the exam, obtained title: Expert of Implantology – ICOI Diplomate

  • Implantologist consultant at a London dental clinic.
    Since May, PSI board member, lecturer in Implantology Curriculum PSI

  • Member of OIL District Council in Szczecinie





Our team

Jerzy Szymczak

  • Member of the OIL dentist committee in Szczecin.Lecturer PSI
    Member of OIL District Council in Szczecin

    Member of PSI board
    Implantology consultant in dental Clinic – London

Beata Maj-Sojka

  • Course for preparing teeth for crowns and bridges.
  • Newest trends in stomatology
  • Realistic stomatology V International Endodontic Conference in Szczecin
  • Modern trends in endodontic teeth treatments
  • Tertiary profilactics – how to eliminate periodontal disease
  • Course Adhesion Bridges
  • Radiological protection of patients
  • Course for preparing teeth for ceramic veneer