Implants are becoming increasingly common method of treating patients suffering from missing teeth. The advantage of implants over standard prosthetic work is that, we do not need to grind healthy neighbour teeth before inserting them. Implant with a crown becomes a copy of lost tooth. It is also worth mentioning that implants minimize bone atrophy. In our clinic we work with many advanced implant systems.
At our clinic we use laser therapy on a large scale: We have a high power laser (Er-Yag), to treat caries without using a drill in many cases Diode lasers are used for minor surgical procedures, canal treatment, gingiva and mucous membrane treatment, active photodisinfection, bleaching etc.
Modern cosmetic dentistry is not just a reconstruction of defects of teeth, changing their color or shape. The real challenge is to achieve harmony in your smile.


Why implants?
  • It replaces lost teeth in the most natural way
  • It is not necessary to grind neighbouring teeth
  • It prevents bone disapearing
  • It gives a comfort and stability of any dentures and bridges
  • It is tested for decades

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